Who We Are and How We Came to Be

The Genesis of the Center for Creative Healing

Back in 2008, as I was shopping for a couch and picking colors for the walls of my new office, I was also thinking about the monarch butterflies I had seen just weeks earlier… Read more.

The Vision

I formed the Center for Creative Healing because I wanted to gather a team of therapists who believe in fostering an environment of authentic collaborative relationship with their clients and amongst each other. CCH therapists are… Read more.

To Diagnose or Not to Diagnose

At the Center for Creative Healing, we treat the person—not the diagnosis. We see challenges rather than problems. We emphasize strengths rather than dwelling on shortcomings. We believe in the therapeutic power of relationship, and in the unique healing capacity of each person who comes through our doors. That said,… Read more.

Our Mission

At the Center for Creative Healing our mission is to help people access their creative and resourceful inner healers so they can transform stuck stories and step into happier and healthier lives. We believe that good therapy, whether it happens in individual work or in groups, is a dynamic collaboration built on authentic relationship. We respect our clients and honor their strengths and their stories. Our dedication to personal and professional growth ensures fresh, innovative and effective client work.

The Center for Creative Healing is Seeking Select Affiliates

If you are a mental health counselor interested in affiliating with a select group of clinicians who believe in fostering an environment of authentic, collaborative relationship with their clients and with one another, you might be a good fit for the Center for Creative Healing. CCH therapists are open-minded and nonjudgmental; creative, innovative, and curious; intuitive and perceptive; and highly ethical. They strive for excellence in everything they do, and are devoted to both personal and professional growth and discovery. They are committed to social justice. And they share an abiding belief that sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.

If you are a fully credentialed Portland-area counselor who fits that description, and you are looking to broaden your referral base by including underserved and underprivileged MaineCare recipients in your clientele, email me, Jennifer Lunden, or call me at 699-4325. The Center for Creative Healing is a state-licensed mental health agency-without-walls.

Jennifer Lunden Available for Supervision

If you are a therapist, I can help you hone your skills at relational, strengths-based practice. In my work, I utilize components of a number of models, including narrative therapy, insight-oriented therapy, motivational interviewing, internal family systems, gestalt, solution-focused, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). As a Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS), an LCSW and an LADC, I am qualified to supervise people treating both mental health and substance abuse issues. If you would like to discuss a potential supervision relationship, click on this link to email me, or call 699-HEAL (4325).

And we’ll have fun, too. I promise.