Susan Malcolm

Susan Malcolm, LCSW, has been practicing as a clinical social worker since completing her Master’s degree in 1996. She thinks of herself as a consultant, offering a variety of strategies that have helped others make positive changes. She works with people living with anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic illness, postpartum adjustment, parenting challenges, and drug and alcohol use problems, as well as those overwhelmed by life stress.

A typical session may include working on relaxation or mindfulness skills, identifying and shifting distorted thought patterns, or developing greater understanding of how your brain manages information. All of this occurs in a safe, judgment-free space where you learn that many people have similar experiences, and that there is hope and healing.

Sue has special training in cognitive behavioral therapy and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Her interest in the mind-body connection has led her to pursue training in how nutrition and exercise impact mental health.

On a personal level, Sue finds connection through group singing, camping with friends and family, reading, and cooking.

Susan is currently not taking new referrals.

Susan’s office is located at 1321 Washington Ave., Suite 106, Portland, ME 04103.