Sandra Sneiderman

Sandra Sneiderman, LCSW, BC-DMT. Councilor at the Center for Creative Healing

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Sandra Sneiderman, LCPC, BC-DMT (Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist), provides therapy for adults, adolescents, children, and families. Sandra is trained in traditional talk therapy, but finds most individuals benefit from incorporating intermodal techniques from the disciplines of dance/movement, art, music, drama, and play therapy, because these methods invite clients to tap into unconscious patterns that live in the body. Sandra provides services for people facing a variety of life challenges, including trauma, PTSD, depression, ADHD, developmental disabilities, life transitions, creative blocks, eating disorders and body image issues, anxiety, relationship issues, grief and loss, and spiritual seeking and awakening.

Sandra creates an authentic connection with each client, supporting them with kindness, presence, and safety. She helps clients break free of feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns by offering a path to a sense of balance and greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.

She provides dance/movement groups for adult women with food and body image issues; groups for adults with developmental disabilities; personal growth and development workshops; and groups supporting children’s healthy development, including body regulation and impulse control. She also works individually (through play/movement therapy) with children having difficulty coping with life changes around divorce and parental conflict. In her practice, she has a special interest in helping individuals overcome trauma.

Sandra is the co-founder of Origin Movement, a Maine-based non-profit that uses expressive arts to help people access their unique gifts and original potential. She also has 15-plus years of involvement in drama/improvisational theater and dance. She uses her background in the arts to empower clients to explore their own creativity and sense of play, which is often a powerful tool for healing.

She enjoys spending time with her 5-year-old son, flower gardening, dancing, and rehearsing and performing with her theater troupe.

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Contact Sandra by email or call (207) 831-6377.