The Genesis of the Center for Creative Healing

Jennifer Lunden, LCSW, LADC. Director and councilor at the Center for Creative Healing
Jennifer Lunden LCSW, LADC, CCS
Executive Director

Back in 2008, as I was shopping for a couch and picking colors for the walls of my new office, I was also thinking about the monarch butterflies I had seen just weeks earlier in Pacific Grove, California. Every year, monarchs migrate to warmer climes to overwinter—and every year, thousands hang in their clusters in the tall eucalyptus trees in a protected little grove just outside the center of town.

I have loved monarchs since I was a little girl, when I collected the caterpillars and tended them—waiting for their magical transformation from black, yellow, and white striped caterpillars to emerald chrysalides to newly emerged butterflies, wings brilliant orange and lined in black. I was writing about the monarchs, in fact, when suddenly the name for my practice popped into my head, and then an inkling of the image for the logo. I was thinking at the time of the transformations my clients would make, and those that I, too, had made over the years with the support of a broad circle of wise healers. But I suppose it could also be said that I was anticipating the day that arrived in May 2011, when the Center for Creative Healing would metamorphose from private practice to licensed mental health agency. In September 2017 we transformed again, this time from a state-licensed agency to a group practice. Throughout it all, our vision hasn’t changed.