To Diagnose or Not to Diagnose

At the Center for Creative Healing, we treat the person—not the diagnosis. We see challenges rather than problems. We emphasize strengths rather than dwelling on shortcomings. We believe in the therapeutic power of relationship, and in the unique healing capacity of each person who comes through our doors.

That said, some people find it helpful to have a name for their experience. And insurance companies require a diagnosis in order to reimburse. CCH clinicians help people facing symptoms from a wide array of diagnoses, including depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD and other trauma related issues. We also help people troubled by grief, women’s issues, postpartum issues, transgender issues, relationship challenges, codependence, health challenges, substance abuse challenges, poor self-esteem, alienation, and general stuckness.

At the Center for Creative Healing, you will find a safe place to come home to your true self. Working collaboratively with a CCH therapist, you will access your own inner knowing, learn to overcome barriers to change and growth, cultivate resilience, and claim the richness and integrity of your one invaluable life.