Offering Individual and Group Supervision for Therapists

Welcome to the Center for Creative Healing, home of Jennifer Lunden, Clinical Consultant.

Since 2006, the Center for Creative Healing has been many things: a private practice, a state-licensed mental health counseling agency-without-walls, and a group practice. Now I’m drawing on my years of experience as a mental health and substance use counselor, and founder and director of the Center for Creative Healing, to focus on the delight of supervising therapists individually and in groups

Although therapists work with people every day, the work can be unexpectedly isolating. Supervision helps therapists hone their skills, maintain their clarity, and prevent burnout. I offer online individual and group supervision for therapists wanting a safe, supportive, and sometimes even laughter-filled space to explore and strengthen their clinical work. Sessions provide the opportunity to learn new skills and treatment strategies, engage with curiosity about countertransference and ethical dilemmas, and just have a safe place to discuss challenges and triumphs.

As an LCSW, I integrate relational-cultural, strengths-based, client-centered and psychodynamic theories, blending them with a number of modalities, including narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused, Gestalt, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I have also learned a number of effective mind-body tools along the way. My work is founded on the principle of authentic collaborative relationship.

I support new therapists looking to build their confidence and expertise, and seasoned therapists who want to enhance their professional development and keep their practices fresh and vital.

If you’d like to explore this further, feel free to drop me an email.